Our Business

  1. 1) Kiatnakin

    Kiatnakin Bank PCL offers full range of commercial banking products and services composing of three business segments:
    • Individual Clients Business :
      • Retail Deposit offers 'One Stop Services' of deposit and investment products. We provide deposit accounts (current, saving and fixed accounts) for individual and corporate entities. We offer mutual fund and Bancassurance service.
      • PRIORITY provides services on financial management, wealth management and investment advisory for high net worth individuals.
      • Retail Lending offers various types of lending including Auto Hire Purchase, CarQuickCash, Personal loans, Housing loans and SME loans.
    • Corporate Client Business:
      • Commercial Lending aims to provide loans in specialized areas including Real Estate Lending, Logistics Lending, Apartment and Hotel Lending, Commercial and Industrial Lending and Construction Materials and Machinery Lending, which are supported by specialist consulting team.
      • Corporate Banking provides lending services to listed companies and large corporate clients or financing for capital market business.
    • Special Business:
      • Special Asset Management offers foreclosed asset such as land, townhouse, condominium, building, property for investment. All details are provided online 24 hours via http://kkasset.kiatnakin.co.th
      • Financial Markets provide consultancy services to customers dealing with financial instruments such as Foreign Exchange, debt instruments and warrants.
  2. 2) Phatra

    A capital market business operated under Phatra Capital PCL, consisting of Phatra Securities Public Company Limited and Phatra Asset Management Company Limited.
    • Phatra provides high quality financial services serving almost every need of individual clients, institution clients and corporate clients. By cooperating with commercial banking business, Phatra provides complete information service and financial advisory service for utmost client benefits. Three business segments of Phatra are
    • Individual Clients Business: Services include financial planning, investment advisory, securities brokerage service, wealth management and mutual fund.
    • Institution and Corporate Clients Business: Services include local and international brokerage securities service, investment banking including public listing advisory and merger and acquisition advisory.
    • Investment Business: Equity and derivatives trading services, hedge fund and investment business.